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More From Blue Janes Collection

More From Blue Janes Collection
Raggedy Rachel

Monday, September 10, 2012

DIY Denim Covered Notebook

I saw this on Pinterest and decided to make this. Basically I took a three ring binder and some denim blue jeans. I cut a piece of the denim to cover the front cover adding about three inches extra to go around the three edges. I then glued the denim to the front cover using a thick tacky craft glue. I folded over the edges to make a hem and then glued the denim inside the front cover. I used spring type wooden clothes pins to hold the folded denim in place. I did the same for the back cover. For the spine I allowed about a 1/2 to overlap and then cut the waistband of the jeans to the right length and glued the waistband to the spine. I then cut out some embroidered designs from some legs of other jeans along with a pocket to decorate the front. The pictures of the binder are below.

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