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More From Blue Janes Collection

More From Blue Janes Collection
Raggedy Rachel

Monday, September 17, 2012

Football anyone? See these recycled DIY denim bags!

To make these patchwork bags, cut out 6 inch squares from some of your cast off jeans. Sew them together to create a nine patch side. Be sure to sew the seams facing outside on the right side. Sew a 5/8 inch seam and then make 1/4 inch cuts perpendicular to the seam. Once the bag is washed you get the raggedy effect. Do the same for a second side and then sew the sides together with the wrong sides facing each other and the seams outward. Sew on three sides and then turn over the top edge 1/4 inch twice to get a finished hem. Cut straps 4 inches wide by 28 - 30 inches long. Turn the sides in one inch and then fold over again and sew along the edges. Attach the straps to the bag by stitching a box over the end of the strap and an X in the middle. You can add cotton fabric to the top of one of the jeans squares to make it more personal as I did with the Bears and Packers fabric. These make very sturdy tote bags and you are recycling and upcycling at the same time! As for football, Go Packers!

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